Sunday, 26 January 2014

Lush | Snow Fairy

Each Christmas lush re-releases their Christmas 'Snow Fairy' range. Every year there is a huge hype around these products and they are sure not to disappoint. I know that I'm a little late but one of my favourites out of this collection is obviously the shower gel. I treated my self to the 250ml bottle which was £6.25 I think and its the most beautiful smelling thing ever. It smells so sweet and yummy. Lush claim that it is supposed to smell exactly like pear drops and candy floss and it does exactly. It is pink in colour and has a touch of blue shimmer which is super pretty.

 The magic wand is a reusable bubble bar and its so amazing. I personally tend to get about 5-8 uses out of them and they smell divine. The smell of these bubble bars is identical to the Snow Fairy shower gel. The idea with these wands it that you 'swish' them around in your bath while running the water to create bubbles. I've found that its much easier to hold the wand under the tap and it creates a lot more bubbles.

With this bubble bar I've found that it is significantly easier to control how many bubbles you have in your bath and that is so helpful. It turns your bath a gorgeous pink colour and gives you lots of bubbles that smell sweet. If I could smell like snow fairy every day I would but the only think I would change about this product would for it to be on sale all year round.

 Oh lush, how you leave us wanting more.
Do you have a favourite Lush scent?
Antonia x

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