Sunday, 13 April 2014


Recently I've been really enjoying both the EOS lip balms and the Balmi lip balms both of which are amazing. I've had them both a little while now and just had to share them with you all. They're both kind of a 'novelty' shaped lip balm and come in really bold coloured packaging however I love them both and think they look really cute. I have had EOS lip balms in the past when I picked them up in America and I loved them then. They where around $2.99 or something cheap like that . I had 'summer fruits' and 'sweet mint'  and both of them smelled amazing and I would highly recommend. However, now they are available on Ebay and Amazon to pick up for around the same price plus delivery. If you live in the uk Balmi's are more readily available to pick up as they are sold in stores like Boots for £4.99 which in my opinion is really good for the amount of product and quality they are at.

Balmi: If I remember correctly, Once up on a time Balmis where in a round packaging, Almost Identical to Eos Balms. This makes me think that maybe they had to change them because of their similarities etc? I am not entirely sure. Anyway, I have this Balmi in the raspberry flavour and it smells fresh, sweet and well like a raspberry. They glide onto the lips and give my lips that immediate moisture surge. Unlike the Eos, Balmi have an SPF of 15 which is always great to have. They boast that it is enriched with vitamins and gives your lips long lasting care and if i'm honest, I agree with them. I honestly cannot fault the product. It's easy to keep in your bag or have on you for on the go. I really love them because I don't really like the idea of sticking my fingers in little pots.

EOS: Eos come in a spherical shaped balm and are lovely. I chose the 'lemon drop' Balm because yellow is a cute colour and also because it smells lovely. It smells exactly like lemon pie and its really sweet to taste. EOS have a lot more choice of flavour than Balmi and use 100% natural products which is great. They smooth on your lips with equal ease to the Balmi lip balms but this lip balm leaves my lips feeling a little waxy as though the product hasn't sank in. If you put a lip balm underneath your lipstick, I wouldn't choose this one as I have tried it and its just not great for that.

If I am honest, I couldn't really pick a favourite. They are both lovely in their entirety and I thoroughly enjoy them both. If you live in the UK, Balmis are lovely. If you live in the US, go for the EOS they're both great. However, Thumbs up to the team at Balmi, SPF is very important all year round.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lush | Twilight Bath Ballistic

Hello there, I feels as though I haven't wrote a blog post in ages which I suppose is true. I've been super busy which getting better and school work etc. Recently I had the pleasure to try out another of Lush's bath ballistics: Twilight. Wow what a bath treat.

The day that I tried it I was feeling really quite rubbish and was in a rather bad mood. I ran my bath to my preferred temperature and popped it in. I wasn't too sure what to expect because its just pink on the outside. It smells amazing of a balanced, not over powering lavender. The smell is very calming and peaceful (I'm not sure if that will make sense to anybody).  Immediately it began to fizz filling my bath  with a beautiful pink colour and the room with a gorgeous calming scent.

After a little, the ballistic began to twist and reveal a blue core which was so exciting. It was a beautiful baby blue that began streaming out creating all kinds of patterns in my bath. The water was a silky texture to touch ( a little tip: always wash your hair after a 'bath bomb bath')

Eventually the bath water was a really pretty lilac colour and there was little flecks of glitter floating around. I'm super excited to buy more of these bath bombs and wont be one that I pass by again. Definitely one for relaxing, helping sleep or improving mood. I would recommend this to everyone and it will probably be my staple bath bomb throughout that stressful exam period approaching me (ew). At only £3.25 it is definitely worth the way it leaves your skin feeling and its other magical powers.

What's your favourite Lush product?
Antonia x