Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lush | Twilight Bath Ballistic

Hello there, I feels as though I haven't wrote a blog post in ages which I suppose is true. I've been super busy which getting better and school work etc. Recently I had the pleasure to try out another of Lush's bath ballistics: Twilight. Wow what a bath treat.

The day that I tried it I was feeling really quite rubbish and was in a rather bad mood. I ran my bath to my preferred temperature and popped it in. I wasn't too sure what to expect because its just pink on the outside. It smells amazing of a balanced, not over powering lavender. The smell is very calming and peaceful (I'm not sure if that will make sense to anybody).  Immediately it began to fizz filling my bath  with a beautiful pink colour and the room with a gorgeous calming scent.

After a little, the ballistic began to twist and reveal a blue core which was so exciting. It was a beautiful baby blue that began streaming out creating all kinds of patterns in my bath. The water was a silky texture to touch ( a little tip: always wash your hair after a 'bath bomb bath')

Eventually the bath water was a really pretty lilac colour and there was little flecks of glitter floating around. I'm super excited to buy more of these bath bombs and wont be one that I pass by again. Definitely one for relaxing, helping sleep or improving mood. I would recommend this to everyone and it will probably be my staple bath bomb throughout that stressful exam period approaching me (ew). At only £3.25 it is definitely worth the way it leaves your skin feeling and its other magical powers.

What's your favourite Lush product?
Antonia x

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