Monday, 22 September 2014

The ‘Super Fun Time Excellence Good Nice Blogger Fancy Person’ Award

As you may know, I love me a good tag post. I was nominated for the really lengthy named tag by the lovely Ess Ali from Check her out while you're here! Her blog is one of my favourites! Anyways, on with the tag...  

1) What is your favourite lipstick brand and colour? 
My current favourite lipstick is Rebel by MAC cosmetics. I absolutely love the colour, it's the perfect autumn purple. Something else I love about it is how scary it looks when you first look at it, yet it's not when it's on at all. On the topic of favourite lipsticks, I featured 7 of my autumn favourites on my most recent post, check it out here if you're interested (cheeky self promo there). 

2) Who is your favourite blogger?
I have many favourite bloggers, I guess I'll just list a few so you can check them out! 
Leave me your blog link below in the comments, I love to check out new blogs!

3) One product that you will always buy?
Definitely has to be Bourjois Healthy Mix serum. It is my holy grail foundation and one I can definitely stick too. When it comes down to mascara and eye liner etc. I change all the time just because I love to try out new things. 

4) What does your everyday make up look consist of? 
My everyday makeup is currently quite simple as I try fit in as much sleep on a morning before college. It is usually just my Healthy Mix serum in the shade 53 for my foundation. A little Clarnis Bronzer to bring my face back to life. As always, benefits browzings to fill in my brows. Then a simple winged liner done and some Code Beautiful Mascara and i'm ready to go.

5) One quote you live by?
I'm such a sucker for a quote. In fact sometimes I go on Pintrest of Tumblr and search for quotes just to browse and save my favourite ones. My camera roll is 2000 pictures long, 90% screen prints of quotes in fancy lettering. Is that really sad? Please someone tell me they do that too. I'll go with a recently saved on ''Your mission: Be so busy loving your life you have no time for hate, regret or fear''

6) Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because no one wanted to listen to my makeup ramblings. I have always read blogs, I can remember being about 13 and spending lots of time reading Lily Melroses blog, love her. I'm so glad I did start blogging though, I love the community feels.

7) Who is your favourite female celebrity?
Katy Perry, have I ever mentioned I once held her hand (It was such an emotional time).

8) One make up product you could live without?
Shout at me but one product I could definitely live without would be face powder. I always forget to use it anyway.

9) One make up product you couldn't live without?
I always feel a little bit naked when I don't have liquid eyeliner on, so that I guess.

10) Something you miss?
This might be a little predictable but I really miss being younger. Everything was unbelivably easier.

My questions:

  1. If you could only have one mascara for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?
  2. Are you a false eyelash lover or hater?
  3. Do you have any goals for your blog you want to achive before the end of this year?
  4. Where do you see your self in 5 years time? (Career aspirations? Uni? Still bloggin'?)
  5. What's your favourite Autumn/Winter makeup trend?
  6. Do you have any bad makeup related habits?
  7. Is painting your nails a pleasure or a chore?
  8. Favourite all time makeup brand?
  9. Lipstick shade you couldn't be without?
  10. Mattes or shimmers?
I nominate:
Laura from she such a lovely blog and also who's blog I also love.

Best wishes,
Antonia x

Sunday, 21 September 2014

A/W Lipsticks

I thought that today I would share with you all my current favourite lipsticks from my collection for Autumn and Winter. My favourite time of the year is coming around so fast and as Autumn hits us on Tueday I thought that right now is just perfect (even though I've been wearing my Autumn lipsticks for a good few weeks now). 

Coral Incadescent- 12, YSL, £24.00

Mulberry, No.7, £9.95

Plum Jam, Soap and glory, £8.00

Rouge in Danger- 04, YSL, £24.00 

Ruby Woo, MAC, £15.50

Rebel, MAC, £15.50

Grand Cru, Bourjois, £8.99

Thanks a lot for reading, 
Antonia x

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Mr Bean Body Care | The coffee body scrub

You all probably know of the coffee body scrub craze. Mr Bean is a company that makes them, no not the little man that carrys the teddy bear from the TV program. With it been 'Organic September' I though now would be a very apt time to share with you all something I have been loving, the Mandarin Coffee Bean Scrub*. Personally, I am not a coffee girl but the smell is definitely something I dont mind. The scent, is not over powering I can assure you coffee haters. The first thing I think I was wow'd by with this product was how on point the packaging is. I hate over packaging, it really frustrates me. Mr Bean comes in a sleek looking monochrome packet with a resealable top. To my suprise there actually is huge amounts of product, 220 grams to be precise.

 Mr Bean have a lot of claims about the magic it can do for your skin and body:

• Caffeine will stimulate blood flow and help reduce the appearance of cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, age spots, varicose veins and psoriasis. 
• Demerra Sugar and Himalayan Salt will exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin, acne, whiteheads, blackheads, breakouts and other skin blemishes
• Coconut Oil will hydrate and moisturize your skin
• Cocoa and Vitamin E are high in antioxidants which nourish and protect the skin, promoting cell repair and rejuvenation 

So in my little brain I thought right, I want to reduce my eczema, cellulite, stretch marks, black heads, promote my cell repair and remove my dead skin (basically all of the above).  I've been using this product for just over two weeks now and it really is making a difference to the apearance of my skin. The thing I have noticed the most is how much brighter my skin is. As the months get colder and the weather gets duller, the same thing happens to my skin. This is the first ever scrub i've used that has visually changed the look of my skin, most scrubs just leave my skin feeling smoother... two in one is a bonus right?

Using this for the first time was a little weird. I mean, when has it ever felt natural to plaster coffee beans all over your skin until you look like you have been rolling around in the mud. I've found it much easier to use in the shower, it's a little too messy in the bath and leaves the surrounding area in a bad state. Let's just say, I don't think my Mam would have been happy if I left it. 

For the amount of uses I have had out of this packet of scrub I don't think that it is pricey at all. Mr Bean Coffee scrub retails at £13.95 and comes in 3 different variations. The one I have been loving Mandarin, then Coconut and also a special male edition ' Man Scrub'. Definitely go check out them out as it's not often that a product with such claims actually makes the difference it says. 

Mr Bean Body Care's links: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Thanks for reading,

Antonia x

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Organisation | Planner & Giveaway

I always feel as though I'm the least organised ever in the month of September. I know that probably seems weird because it's the start of the new term and everything's new. I just fail at organising my self I guess. However, I have been trying super hard to make sure I know exactly what I have planner. Is this just me or do you feel super stressed out when you don't know what's planned, what you have to do? It makes me really unhappy. *sigh* Well I have found the perfect thing to make me a little more planned. Ironically, a planner.

Not just an ordinary shop planner but a Personalised Planner made by the lovely people over at I have never been so grateful for such a simplistic item. I chose the largest planner due to my huge handwriting. I went for a gorgeous pink and white striped theme which I just think is so uber cute. My planner began in September which I think is great that I dont have to wait until January like all of the ones that are currently in shops. 

I love stationary as it is. I'm absolutely loving the quality of this planner. The paper inside is sturdy and not the type of paper that pens run through which is great (seems a little sad but it really annoys me when you can use both sides of a piece of paper). I think that when your at College, School, Uni etc, it's important to have something to write all the work you have to complete in and keep on top of everything you have to do.For the back section of the planner you can choose from a variety of options including square, ruled, blank pages, maps and others. I chose ruled lines just for casual noting purposes. I absolutely love how you can personalise nearly every aspect of this planner.

Very kindly, Personal Planner UK gave me the chance to also give one away to one of the readers of my blog. I know that it's not the usual beauty post but they're perfect for planning anything from blog posts to day-to-day life things. To enter all you have to do is leave a comment below answering my question... ''If you could add an extra bank holiday to your planner, how would you spend it?'' 

Contact Personal Planner UK: Twitter | Facebook | Wesbite

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*All opinions are my own and this planner was generously sent to me by Personal Planner UK.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Early morning tips & tricks

When summer holidays are drawing to a close, the nights are getting darker and the mornings have that crisp bitter feel again, you know its nearly Autumn. I love Autumn so that's fine with me! We've surely all been there thought, stayed up just that little bit too late binge watching out favourite shows on netflix, browsing twitter, reading blog posts, we're all guilty correct? and then we pay for it in the morning. I just hate leaving my big squidgy bed of warmth for my little feets to grace my cold wood floor *sigh*. I thought I would just share with you all my tips for getting up and making the most of the mornings. 

  • Get a little more sleep. Set one alarm and train your mind into thinking 'right, this is it. Time to get up'. As difficult as that seems, I am going to try my hardest to get used to getting up at the correct time for college before it starts in September.
  • Drink that water. Staying hydrated is something that has became really important too me. I'm not too sure where it came from. I just know that before this year it was something I never really used to think about but now it's just a must. I can't even express how much it has improved my skin. I just look healthier, do it for you.
  • Give your self time. Make sure you are prepared for the day. Wake up a little earlier. Try to complete all your work in advance. Both of which are things I plan on doing more often my self.
  • EAT. Eating breakfast is especially important, it sets you up for the day, helps you think. Eating good foods is important too! 
Failing this, if you have one of those mornings we are all far too familiar with when nothing goes right, you feel like a zombie and your eyes need tape to stay open these are my tips for making your self appear like you're 'awake'. After all, that's what make up is good for!

Brighten up: Make sure on mornings when you're feeling a little dull to go for a moisturise that is going to brighten you up and leave you feeling super hydrated and also go for a foundation/base that is going to illuminate your features. A foundation good for this is the Wake Me Up foundation by Rimmel. This is perfect for those days. Mixing a liquid/cream highlighter with your everyday foundation can also work perfectly.

Cover giveaways: You don't want anyone to be thinking 'damn, that girl looks tired' so concealer is your best friend. I love Collections Lasting Perfection concealer for covering all my dark circles and imperfections.  

Highlight the best: Still feeling overly dull, I usually do so I reach for the highlighter. A problem I have with them is that I feel like powder highlighters just don't stay on my skin *boo*. So if i'm going for the long lasting effect, I like Benefits high-beam for a subtle glow. When applying highlighter, I usually just go for the tops of my cheekbones, inner corners of my eyes and brow bone.

Open up those eyes: When I look tired, I tend to go for a lot more mascara than usual. I feel like that works best to make me look more alive. At the moment, for lots of volume and length I am loving Code Beautiful's VLM. It leaves my lashes looking super flared out and fluttery.

To finish off: Dust your face off with bronzer and a touch of blush for a healthy look and add a glossy lip!

So that's how I make my self look like a human on tired mornings. Do you all have any top tips? Be sure to leave them below.

Thanks for reading,
Antonia x

Friday, 5 September 2014

The search for skincare continues | Dermadeli

Very quickly, I'm becoming a skin care addict. Recently I recieved some exciting products from a brand named Dermadeli. The lovely Joyce Wilkins is the lovely lady behind the company. Joyce created the brand in the search for a treatment to help her daughters overall skin health. This resulted in her changing her daughters life and also many others! I absolutely am all for the products I have by Dermadeli.

personally, I see Eye cream and serums as the most neglected skin care products by everyone. I'm not saying everyone just doesn't use them. For me, when i'm having a seriously lazy day, Eye cream and Serums just seem like an extra task. Up until now, I am a changed woman.

Collagen Repair Serum: $33.00/£20.22 for 1.0 fl oz*

Collagen is key to having to having better skin! The collagen helps the skin to be both stronger and healthier and it has certainly worked on mine. As soon as I started using this I noticed that my skin was firmer. Fair enough, I'm not very old but I definitely noticed a difference. It also helped my skin to seem brighter. I use one pump of this a rub it into my whole face. Pervious serums I have used have never really sank completely into my skin enough for me to feel comfortable to apply moisturiser straight after however this one skins straight into my skin leaving no residue what so ever. I think that would make it perfect for those with an oily skin also.
Nourishing Eye Cream $33.00/£20.22  for 0.5 fl oz*

This Nourishing Eye Cream came into my life at exactly the right time. As some of you may know, I have been using the 'All about eyes' roller ball eye de-puffer by Clinique which I have been loving. We all need a change though right? This was the right change for me. I have been using one pump of this also and massaging it in all around my eyes.The skin around your eyes is thinner than anywhere else which means it is more delicate and sensitive. My eyes are often very dry and I get little dry patches yet since using this I haven't had any *woop*. This excites me a lot as my makeup gets stuck in them and it really doesn't look great at all. I love the packaging of these products because they come with a pump. Especially the eyecreams pump. I definitely believed has smoothed out my eyes and reduced the intensity of my dark circles. I just love this Nourishing Eye Cream as it gives my eyes all the care the skin needs.

I definitely would recomend you check out for more information and to nosey around their other products which I imagine are just as super as the ones I have been lucky enough to try out! Their twitter is @dermadeli if you have any questions, they're really friendly. I recommend both products highly!

Thanks for reading.
If any of you have tried any serums and also loved them, leave me a suggestion below! 
Antonia x

Thursday, 4 September 2014

AmazeMitt | A chemical free cleanse?

Yes, you read the title right. A chemical free cleanse. I'm not going to lie, before trying the AmazeMitt, I didn't think was even a thing. Having sensitive skin, the less chemicals the better, well I guess that's true for any skin type really. The company claims: ''Amazemitt can be used for make-up removing or general face cleansing, it gently exfoliates skin and removes all dead skin cells together with dirt leaving skin soft and polished.The microfiber cloth is perfect for sensitive skin as it does not contain any sort of chemicals.'' Exciting huh?

Small: £5.00 | Large: £8.00

As you can tell by the photo, this product comes in two different sizes. The original AmazeMitt* which I use over four fingers and the larger one called the L'AmazeMitt*. I use the smaller one for frequently and the larger one is now a staple in my shower.

How does it work you might be thinking? Well, the microfibers these mittins have is the reason they can remove all of your makeup without the need for any chemicals whats so ever. All you do is wet them with either warm or cold water and rub away using a slight presure. They can be used for up to one year. But, best of all I think that the most convient thing is that after use, they can just be rinsed using adverage hand soap. They're just so handy to have for day-to-day life or even traveling.

I must admit, before I tried this I was a little sceptical, how could a mit with just water remove all of my makeup? They arived and they where soft. I used them the night I got them as my curiousity took over and I just had to know. They work! I was really impressed with how they left my skin feeling.I did remove my eye makeup with makeup remover on a cotton pad first as I have a weird feeling I am loosing my eyelashes. Probably not but I guess it's better not to rub at them alot.They Microfibers allow the skin to be exfoliated while being cleansed. Having eczema I suffer with the occasional dry patch on my face and I think this is going to be perfect for those days I really don't want to aggravate my face.

Check out AmazeMitt here and follow them on twitter @amazeMitt.
Thanks for reading,
Antonia x

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

August Favourites

Excuse me please, how fast is this year going? Surely that's not just me. This year has been a massive wake up call for me and I have learnt a lot of things about my self. Dare I even say it but i'm feelin' proud *sits back in chair, pops glasses on head* I start college in a week and I got all of the GCSE's I needed. August is a bit of a blur filled with sun, holidays and episode after episode of 'Say Yes To The Dress' (Randy, I love you). The things I have been loving this August are a complete mixture of beauty and randoms, so here goes.

The first thing on my list is a little weird but it's my VOSS bottle. If you don't know what they are, they are just large tall jars essentially with a lid that once held water. Long story short, a glass water bottle. For some strange reason, mine has kept encouraging me to drink the amount of water I should. If it works why should I stop hey? 

The second thing on my list is something that I do believe I mentioned in my holiday essentials post, my Jimmy Choo perfume. This quickly became my summer scent of 2014. I hope that in years to come when I smell it again it will remind me of all the memories I made this summer. The scent I would say is fruity but it does have a woody depth to it. Delicious. 

As per usual, my Tangle Teaser will have to make an appearance. How did I actually live without this? I really don't know. As summer is a kind of 'sticky' month. Everything is that little bit more sweaty and I'm really not sure if this is just me but my hair seems to knot excessively until it is just a big mat underneath my head, nice. I can always trust my tangle teaser to make me silky again. *high five* Tangle Teaser for being awesome.

In my world is the norm to have a favorite deodorant. I have always loved the Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena Scent 48h Anti-Perspirant Deodorant. 1) it doesn't really smell like Pomegranate but it smells amazing. 2) it doesn't make me choke. So really it's an all round winner.

And another thing that comes out of a can (smooth transition there, Antonia) Is my Batiste Dry Shampoo which throughout the summer months has been such a blessing. When it gets a little hotter dry shampoo is convenient to have just incase your feeling a little greasy. So easy to do which is always great. Batiste has always worked for me and they're super cheap too.

Finally, a food fave. This is a recent discovery for me. My dad recently made flat bread and oh em ge. I cannot describe how obsessed my whole family have become. The recipe is so super simple. It is something like an equal ratio of natural yogurt to flour. It's just so yummy. 

I wish you all a lovely September and let me know some of your August Faves in the comments or if you have done a post your self! Please leave your link, I do love a good nosey.
Antonia x

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

How to get the perfect brows... Kinda.

Aloha Guys, I don't quite know if I have told you this yet but I'm blogging every day in September, a little daunting but so exciting. Brows are definitely my facial nemesis. When I was little my eyebrows used to be quite bushy so you know as every other 13 year old girl does, I plucked and plucked until my eyebrows where no more. Well they didn't actually disappear but they might as well have. Over time they have grown back just not as full as thick as I would have liked them to be. My eyebrows are rather thin but so is the hair on my head, does that have a correlation?

Since the beginning of this year I have been having 'Hi-brows' done at a local salon (If your wondering, they are just the same as HD brows really) They tint your brows a darker colour or a colour you want, this defines them then they wax, thread and pluck away until your brows are so sharp they could kill a man. No, I'm kidding it just leaves your with even, perfectly shaped brows. This has made my brows have a lovely arch but the only problem is my eyebrows grow back too fast. 

In between waxing sessions it's up to me. I usually keep on top for my eyebrows by just plucking the stray hairs from underneath my brow to keep them looking good. To make sure I'm not removing hairs that I don't need to get rid of it's key to use a spooly brush to comb my brows in the direction of growth. If the edges look messy I like to tidy up with some Collection concealer.

I like to fill my brows in too. As I mentioned before my eyebrows are quite sparse. With them being like this, they always look a lot lighter than they actually are. Personally I like to use a powder in my brows. I've tried many eyebrow pencils and just never really got on with any. Currently I am using the Browzings kit by benefit and I apply it with a Mac 263. I just don't find it easy to have a light handed approach when they are so tiny. I have the medium shade which is perfect for my brow colour.  It costs £24.50 however well worth the money as It has lasted me since November last year! 

Top image: My brows without any product at all. 
Middle image: My brows after I lined the bottom of my brow to create the initial shape and define the bottom.
Bottom image: My brows after I have defined the arch and softly filled in my brows right up to the tail of my brow. I finished them off with a little setting gel to hold them in place and cleared up the edges with a little concealer.

Do any of you have any staple brow products? 
Antonia x

Monday, 1 September 2014

Review | Rimmel - Brow This Way

First Can I just say Rimmel, I love the name. This is a pretty new to the market product. Brow gels are one of the many products loved by beauty bloggers. Yet personally, I'm yet to fall in love with one. I feel as though ones that promise me that they will keep my brows in place all day make me feel like my brows are crispy. I feel like those that promise colour either don't pay off or are just too messy. The Struggles, eh.

I had high hopes for this product after reading a couple of reviews. With it only being £2.99 and me being in massive splurge mode I went ahead and chucked it into my basket. Of course this was after I stood for around 10 minutes deciding which colour I was (always a nightmare in boots with the off lighting right?) Anyway, I got it home and I was actually quite impressed with the colour of 'medium blonde' considering I am more of a 'medium brown'

The formula of the product is actually really lovely. It doesn't make my brows feel hard and tough whist it still adds a nice amount of colour. I guess they look a lot more natural than my usually filled in brows. It makes my brows look fuller yet not too OTT. Perfect for those days where makeup is just minimal.

One thing I really aren't getting along with though is the brush. What a let down. It's like a miniature mascara wand. Probably if your a little more careful that I am this would work just nicely for you. I feel as though the wand just picks up too much product and I have to spend my time making sure it isn't overloaded. It's not for days where you have little time, which I guess it should be. I always find my self having to clean up my brows after. I have tried a lot to make this work for me but if any of you have any tips they are very welcome. I like the formula, I just wish I loved the brush equally. 

Do any of you have any suggestions for a new brow gel or one that's worked for you?
Antonia x