Thursday, 4 September 2014

AmazeMitt | A chemical free cleanse?

Yes, you read the title right. A chemical free cleanse. I'm not going to lie, before trying the AmazeMitt, I didn't think was even a thing. Having sensitive skin, the less chemicals the better, well I guess that's true for any skin type really. The company claims: ''Amazemitt can be used for make-up removing or general face cleansing, it gently exfoliates skin and removes all dead skin cells together with dirt leaving skin soft and polished.The microfiber cloth is perfect for sensitive skin as it does not contain any sort of chemicals.'' Exciting huh?

Small: £5.00 | Large: £8.00

As you can tell by the photo, this product comes in two different sizes. The original AmazeMitt* which I use over four fingers and the larger one called the L'AmazeMitt*. I use the smaller one for frequently and the larger one is now a staple in my shower.

How does it work you might be thinking? Well, the microfibers these mittins have is the reason they can remove all of your makeup without the need for any chemicals whats so ever. All you do is wet them with either warm or cold water and rub away using a slight presure. They can be used for up to one year. But, best of all I think that the most convient thing is that after use, they can just be rinsed using adverage hand soap. They're just so handy to have for day-to-day life or even traveling.

I must admit, before I tried this I was a little sceptical, how could a mit with just water remove all of my makeup? They arived and they where soft. I used them the night I got them as my curiousity took over and I just had to know. They work! I was really impressed with how they left my skin feeling.I did remove my eye makeup with makeup remover on a cotton pad first as I have a weird feeling I am loosing my eyelashes. Probably not but I guess it's better not to rub at them alot.They Microfibers allow the skin to be exfoliated while being cleansed. Having eczema I suffer with the occasional dry patch on my face and I think this is going to be perfect for those days I really don't want to aggravate my face.

Check out AmazeMitt here and follow them on twitter @amazeMitt.
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  2. This looks like such an interesting product, not tried anything like it - great price point too :) xx