Sunday, 14 September 2014

Organisation | Planner & Giveaway

I always feel as though I'm the least organised ever in the month of September. I know that probably seems weird because it's the start of the new term and everything's new. I just fail at organising my self I guess. However, I have been trying super hard to make sure I know exactly what I have planner. Is this just me or do you feel super stressed out when you don't know what's planned, what you have to do? It makes me really unhappy. *sigh* Well I have found the perfect thing to make me a little more planned. Ironically, a planner.

Not just an ordinary shop planner but a Personalised Planner made by the lovely people over at I have never been so grateful for such a simplistic item. I chose the largest planner due to my huge handwriting. I went for a gorgeous pink and white striped theme which I just think is so uber cute. My planner began in September which I think is great that I dont have to wait until January like all of the ones that are currently in shops. 

I love stationary as it is. I'm absolutely loving the quality of this planner. The paper inside is sturdy and not the type of paper that pens run through which is great (seems a little sad but it really annoys me when you can use both sides of a piece of paper). I think that when your at College, School, Uni etc, it's important to have something to write all the work you have to complete in and keep on top of everything you have to do.For the back section of the planner you can choose from a variety of options including square, ruled, blank pages, maps and others. I chose ruled lines just for casual noting purposes. I absolutely love how you can personalise nearly every aspect of this planner.

Very kindly, Personal Planner UK gave me the chance to also give one away to one of the readers of my blog. I know that it's not the usual beauty post but they're perfect for planning anything from blog posts to day-to-day life things. To enter all you have to do is leave a comment below answering my question... ''If you could add an extra bank holiday to your planner, how would you spend it?'' 

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*All opinions are my own and this planner was generously sent to me by Personal Planner UK.


  1. Wow, the planner is lovely and it's an amazing idea to keep ourselves organised.

    If I could add an extra bank holiday to my calendar, I'd spend it travelling. It wouldn't have to be far; maybe just visit a new town in my country with either my family or my boyfriend. I always end up going back home when I'm on holidays and it would be nice to go somewhere different for a change.

  2. I'd make it on my birthday, and I'd spend it in bed!

  3. If I had an extra bank holiday, I would stock up on unhealthy food and watch Game of Thrones all day! Sounds boring to some, but the best day ever for me! Abbie xx

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