Friday, 5 September 2014

The search for skincare continues | Dermadeli

Very quickly, I'm becoming a skin care addict. Recently I recieved some exciting products from a brand named Dermadeli. The lovely Joyce Wilkins is the lovely lady behind the company. Joyce created the brand in the search for a treatment to help her daughters overall skin health. This resulted in her changing her daughters life and also many others! I absolutely am all for the products I have by Dermadeli.

personally, I see Eye cream and serums as the most neglected skin care products by everyone. I'm not saying everyone just doesn't use them. For me, when i'm having a seriously lazy day, Eye cream and Serums just seem like an extra task. Up until now, I am a changed woman.

Collagen Repair Serum: $33.00/£20.22 for 1.0 fl oz*

Collagen is key to having to having better skin! The collagen helps the skin to be both stronger and healthier and it has certainly worked on mine. As soon as I started using this I noticed that my skin was firmer. Fair enough, I'm not very old but I definitely noticed a difference. It also helped my skin to seem brighter. I use one pump of this a rub it into my whole face. Pervious serums I have used have never really sank completely into my skin enough for me to feel comfortable to apply moisturiser straight after however this one skins straight into my skin leaving no residue what so ever. I think that would make it perfect for those with an oily skin also.
Nourishing Eye Cream $33.00/£20.22  for 0.5 fl oz*

This Nourishing Eye Cream came into my life at exactly the right time. As some of you may know, I have been using the 'All about eyes' roller ball eye de-puffer by Clinique which I have been loving. We all need a change though right? This was the right change for me. I have been using one pump of this also and massaging it in all around my eyes.The skin around your eyes is thinner than anywhere else which means it is more delicate and sensitive. My eyes are often very dry and I get little dry patches yet since using this I haven't had any *woop*. This excites me a lot as my makeup gets stuck in them and it really doesn't look great at all. I love the packaging of these products because they come with a pump. Especially the eyecreams pump. I definitely believed has smoothed out my eyes and reduced the intensity of my dark circles. I just love this Nourishing Eye Cream as it gives my eyes all the care the skin needs.

I definitely would recomend you check out for more information and to nosey around their other products which I imagine are just as super as the ones I have been lucky enough to try out! Their twitter is @dermadeli if you have any questions, they're really friendly. I recommend both products highly!

Thanks for reading.
If any of you have tried any serums and also loved them, leave me a suggestion below! 
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  1. This sounds so lovely, definitely agree that skin care products can be neglected

  2. I've been looking to try out a new product so I might have to check this out :) Thanks for the pick and nice post!