Sunday, 7 September 2014

Early morning tips & tricks

When summer holidays are drawing to a close, the nights are getting darker and the mornings have that crisp bitter feel again, you know its nearly Autumn. I love Autumn so that's fine with me! We've surely all been there thought, stayed up just that little bit too late binge watching out favourite shows on netflix, browsing twitter, reading blog posts, we're all guilty correct? and then we pay for it in the morning. I just hate leaving my big squidgy bed of warmth for my little feets to grace my cold wood floor *sigh*. I thought I would just share with you all my tips for getting up and making the most of the mornings. 

  • Get a little more sleep. Set one alarm and train your mind into thinking 'right, this is it. Time to get up'. As difficult as that seems, I am going to try my hardest to get used to getting up at the correct time for college before it starts in September.
  • Drink that water. Staying hydrated is something that has became really important too me. I'm not too sure where it came from. I just know that before this year it was something I never really used to think about but now it's just a must. I can't even express how much it has improved my skin. I just look healthier, do it for you.
  • Give your self time. Make sure you are prepared for the day. Wake up a little earlier. Try to complete all your work in advance. Both of which are things I plan on doing more often my self.
  • EAT. Eating breakfast is especially important, it sets you up for the day, helps you think. Eating good foods is important too! 
Failing this, if you have one of those mornings we are all far too familiar with when nothing goes right, you feel like a zombie and your eyes need tape to stay open these are my tips for making your self appear like you're 'awake'. After all, that's what make up is good for!

Brighten up: Make sure on mornings when you're feeling a little dull to go for a moisturise that is going to brighten you up and leave you feeling super hydrated and also go for a foundation/base that is going to illuminate your features. A foundation good for this is the Wake Me Up foundation by Rimmel. This is perfect for those days. Mixing a liquid/cream highlighter with your everyday foundation can also work perfectly.

Cover giveaways: You don't want anyone to be thinking 'damn, that girl looks tired' so concealer is your best friend. I love Collections Lasting Perfection concealer for covering all my dark circles and imperfections.  

Highlight the best: Still feeling overly dull, I usually do so I reach for the highlighter. A problem I have with them is that I feel like powder highlighters just don't stay on my skin *boo*. So if i'm going for the long lasting effect, I like Benefits high-beam for a subtle glow. When applying highlighter, I usually just go for the tops of my cheekbones, inner corners of my eyes and brow bone.

Open up those eyes: When I look tired, I tend to go for a lot more mascara than usual. I feel like that works best to make me look more alive. At the moment, for lots of volume and length I am loving Code Beautiful's VLM. It leaves my lashes looking super flared out and fluttery.

To finish off: Dust your face off with bronzer and a touch of blush for a healthy look and add a glossy lip!

So that's how I make my self look like a human on tired mornings. Do you all have any top tips? Be sure to leave them below.

Thanks for reading,
Antonia x

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  1. I definitely agree that breakfast is a great idea! It just makes the whole day start on the right foot :) Nice post.