Monday, 1 September 2014

Review | Rimmel - Brow This Way

First Can I just say Rimmel, I love the name. This is a pretty new to the market product. Brow gels are one of the many products loved by beauty bloggers. Yet personally, I'm yet to fall in love with one. I feel as though ones that promise me that they will keep my brows in place all day make me feel like my brows are crispy. I feel like those that promise colour either don't pay off or are just too messy. The Struggles, eh.

I had high hopes for this product after reading a couple of reviews. With it only being £2.99 and me being in massive splurge mode I went ahead and chucked it into my basket. Of course this was after I stood for around 10 minutes deciding which colour I was (always a nightmare in boots with the off lighting right?) Anyway, I got it home and I was actually quite impressed with the colour of 'medium blonde' considering I am more of a 'medium brown'

The formula of the product is actually really lovely. It doesn't make my brows feel hard and tough whist it still adds a nice amount of colour. I guess they look a lot more natural than my usually filled in brows. It makes my brows look fuller yet not too OTT. Perfect for those days where makeup is just minimal.

One thing I really aren't getting along with though is the brush. What a let down. It's like a miniature mascara wand. Probably if your a little more careful that I am this would work just nicely for you. I feel as though the wand just picks up too much product and I have to spend my time making sure it isn't overloaded. It's not for days where you have little time, which I guess it should be. I always find my self having to clean up my brows after. I have tried a lot to make this work for me but if any of you have any tips they are very welcome. I like the formula, I just wish I loved the brush equally. 

Do any of you have any suggestions for a new brow gel or one that's worked for you?
Antonia x


  1. I never do anything to my eyebrows. Does that Rimmel thing really improve their look? If so, could you do a tutorial or something on how you do your brows? I'm completely clueless haha


  2. Antonia Hetherington1 September 2014 at 13:15

    This isn't really my favourite thing :-) I use a powder usually. I will be uploading my brow routine pretty soon though as i'm blogging everyday this month! xx

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  4. omg i need to try this!

    lovely blog ^_^ xx

  5. I've never used a brow gel kinda thing! They do sound interesting though!

    xprincessjas | x

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