Thursday, 2 January 2014

lush boxing day sales

Hey guys, over the festive period this year I seemed to have went a little lush crazy. When I discovered that on boxing day the Christmas stock would discounted to 50% off each item I for sure had to go. I seemed to have bought more than enough to take me into the new year. A few of the things I bought where:
  • The Christmas Penguin-Bubble Bar (Super adorable and affordable at only £2.95)
  • Golden Wonder- Bath Ballistic (Turns your bath a gorgeous blue/green colour with tiny gold stars)
  • Luxury lush Pud- Bath Ballistic (Makes your bath go the colour identical to Ribena and smells like lavender)
  • Snow Fairy- Shower gel (Smelling really sweet of pear drops and candy floss)
  • Candy Mountain- Bubble Bar (Gives you 'mountains' of sweet bubbles that can be used for two or more baths)
And many more beautiful things.

Star Light, Star Bright

It would be fair to say out of the whole Christmas collection that I have used and enjoyed so far would be 'Star Light, Star Bright' a beauty of a bath melt with a whole load of goodness inside. Having eczema, I tend to find that the bath melt's qualities are far better for easing my skin. The scent of the Star Light, Star bright bath melt is a light citrus sent, not over powering in the slightest (It reminded me of the smell of Lemon Cheesecake)

When I popped it in my bath, the extremely shimmery outer layer quickly dispersed into the water and it began to melt away. It quickly became a clear shimmery pool of light until it reached the centre. At this point an unexpected blue core was revealed and my bath turned a magical colour of blue with a little shimmer. However, I did notice that it took a lot longer to melt that things such as 'You've been mango'd' (Anyone else?)

After I had got out of the bath I could feel the difference in my skin and there was definitely no need for moisturiser. The bath melt contains many things that do wonders for your skin like Cocoa Butter and Organic Shea Butter, both naturally smoothing on the skin.

Overall this was a beautiful product that I would 100% buy again at the price of £3.00.  However, the only thing that put me off a little was the 'scummy' layer it left in my bath but what's a little bit of a mess to clean up at the end if you get such a gorgeous bath.

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