Saturday, 11 January 2014

Naked 3 | First impressions

Hello Guys! Yesterday I finally got my Naked 3 palette  by Urban Decay and I couldn't be more excited. It is the most beautiful thing and I am so pleased.  I cant wait to experiment with the brand new 'rose-hued' neutrals. They are a total mix of shimmery metallic shades, and smooth mattes. The colours range from light pinks to matte blacks with red sparkles.

How beautiful? 

This naked palette has a beautiful, double sided brush with one end for your crease and one end for your shadow. One of my favourite things out of this whole palette is the packaging. It comes in an almost tin-like box in rose gold kind of shade.

As well as the brush, it comes with a selection of the primer potions: Original, Eden, Sin and Anti-aging. Each of the little pods apparently contains a weeks worth of primer that's supposed to give you 24hrs of staying power. As I'm new to the primer potions, I'll be hopefully getting back to here with a review on them and telling you my favourite. Until then, Original is an invisible potion for long lasting performance. Eden is a matte formula that prepares your lids for a long day. Sin is a shimmery base  perfect for nights out. Finally, Anti-aging is well anti-aging, it defies the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

This palette is £37.00 and can be bought anywhere like Debenhams and House of Frazer. I would 100% recommend this because it can be worn for any occasion and at any point in the day. I did some swatches for this but they aren't very clear but hey ho, I'll post them anyway. When using these shadows they're super bendable and easily used to great a simple or even a dramatic eye look. I will always be honest about the negatives of a product and these shadows do have a little fallout. This can easily be fixed with either a cotton pad or a little foundation and concealer.

Do you own any of the naked palletes? Which is your favourite?
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