Sunday, 19 January 2014

DIY | Ombre hair

I was Probably a little late to hop on the 'Ombre' train but finally in September last year I did it and it made so much of a difference about how I felt about my hair. I was getting a little bored of my natural colour and I just wanted a change but I guess I was a little too scared to go all out and dye my whole head. Some people do their ombre in bold block colours and some people just do the tips and go  for the dip dyed look.
I got the L'Oreal preference Wild ombre kit. I bought it in the shade number 1 for light brown to dark brown hair. It was only something silly like £6.99 yet its unbelievably simple to use! Each kit comes with absolutely everything you are going to need. They contain: one tube of lightening cream, one bottle of developer cream, one packet of lightening powder, one tube of conditioning shampoo treatment, a brush and one pair of gloves ('high five' to L'Oreal for realising women don't have stupidly huge hands and finally making gloves a realistic size)
How I went about it?:
I recruited my mum as a helping hand on this one and I would just like to say this is not going to be exactly perfect or even what is recommended its only what we did.
Firstly I brushed all my tangles out of my hair with my tangle teaser ( This was the best hair brush ever to enter my life if there is such a thing, go check them out here!) and then parted my hair into two sections. Then we squirted the mixture onto the brush evenly and worked it up my hair starting at the bottom for a softer more graduated effect until it reached just below my chin. We did the whole of my hair and then left it for 25 minutes which the box suggests but I didn't seem light enough so we left it for another ten minutes then washed it off and I couldn't be happier. The dye hasn't seemed to have dried out my hair and the shampoo is really luxurious.
Have any of you been Ombre before?
Antonia x

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  1. Love the L'Oreal hair products! Your hair looks gorgeous :)
    Leah xx