Monday, 13 January 2014

Lush | So White - Bath ballistic:

This is the most beautiful smelling bath ballistic out of the Christmas range. However, its not so Christmassy. The scent is fresh and smells strongly of apple, it isn't heavy just rather uplifting. I'd say that it is perfect for relaxing. Previously I have over looked this bath ballistic because of its simplicity. It is a plain white sphere and me being me I would tend to go for something that looked a little more dramatic like Golden Wonder. I cannot even explain my love for the smell of this once it has entered the water, it changed my view (If any of you know the smell of DKNY Be delicious, that's totally what it reminds me of)! if you can, definitely give this one a whirl.

I popped the it into my bath, I must admit not really expecting much due to the fact that it plain. This bath bomb was so much faster at fizzing than any other bath ballistic I have ever used before. The white outer layer quickly fizzed off. Until it revealed a multi-coloured pink core. I must say this shocked me. It was filled with many beautiful shades of pink which quickly dispersed into my bath.

So white quickly finished leaving my whole bathroom filled with a juicy fragrance. This is my favourite bath bomb for relaxing. The only disappointment was the colour, it turned a very weak shade of pink. For a price of £3.25 I would buy this again but only because the smell is so luxurious. This bath bombs smell is probably on par with another one of my favourites: Secret Santa (which I also reviewed here!). Such a shame its only limited stock for Christmas time but hey ho.

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