Sunday, 5 January 2014

2013 Beauty Favourites

So now its 2014 and last year I had a lot of favourite things that where staple products in my beauty regime. Since we have officially entered 2014 now, its about time I showed you what I really enjoyed over the whole of last year...

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr (Gel cream shadow)

These little beauties where the easiest eye shadows to use that I have ever came across. Being such a versatile product they can be easily worn as a day-to-day look or transformed into a statement at night time. The colours I have being enjoying are 'Eternal Gold' and 'On and on bronze'. Both of which have a beautiful shimmery metallic finish. All of the colours are very strongly pigmented and super easy to blend. They claim to last 24 hours, this im not too sure on as I never keep my makeup on for sure a lengthy period. I would definitely recommend these to anyone! They are a cheap 'drug store alternative to Mac's paint pots at only £4.99 in places like Boots and Superdrug (often on 3 for the price of  2).  

Mac Studio Sculpt foundation

This is the most beautiful foundation. Not only do they do a shade that perfectly matches my skin tone (which I am yet to find in any other brand) it stays on without a single flaw all day. This foundation is supposed to be a medium to high coverage and a satin finish. I have found that hardly any is needed for a lovely coverage that doesn't look in the slightest 'cakey'. It leaves you looking luminous and glowy and not shiny. The tube is a little bigger than the usual size of 30ml at 40ml. However, with it being a mac product it does come at a pricey cost with it being £25.00.

Maybelline Baby Lips

These are the cutest lip balms in the cutest packaging. I had heard a lot about these before I picked some up my self and i'm ever so glad that I did. They always leave my lips soft and moisturised. Once I picked up one I had to have them all and my collection just kept on growing. At only £2.99 in places like Boots they are totally worth buying. They are great to just have handy. The tinted ones are my favourites (The one in the purple packaging, the pink and the orange) all of which a lovely subtle colours. 

Hoola- Benefit bronzer

This is another easy favourite of mine, with bronzer being an essential item when it comes to makeup this is my all time favourite bronzer with its inability to go that dreaded orange colour. Hoola is not at all glittery and perfect for sweeping underneath the cheek bones and on top of the forehead or any where you would like to look tanned I guess. It is really blend-able and perfect all year round. It is slightly more expensive than an average bronzer at £23.50 but lasts ages!

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish- soft and gentle

My favourite high lighter. This just is pure luxury, sweep on anywhere you would like to highlight basically, cheeks, brows, nose chin? the velvet soft texture adds a beautiful shimmery polish to anywhere necessary. However its little pricey at £22.00 yet its worth every single penny.

L'Oreal Super Liner Black Buster

This year this is the only eye liner I have actually loved. It has a sponge tip for a really quick and simple application. This liquid liner gives you any look you would like to go for whether that be thin and simple or bold and dramatic. I've found with this eyeliner that creating 'flicks' or wings is much more simple (just me?) It quickly dries giving the product no time to smudge. The delicate tip leaves it easy for you to get close to your last line to create that iconic, classy eye liner look.

What have been your favourite products this year?
Antonia x

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  1. Ah, I've been looking for that L'OReal Super Liner!
    I want to try it.. I need more drugstore options
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