Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Lush | Rose jam- Bubbleroon

Hello there guys, I recently bought the Rose Jam scented 'Bubbleroon' and wow. It smells delicious and the smell stays on your skin for at least three hours. The smell of the bubble bar is really quite sweet and fruity. It contains rose oil and rose absolute which are both super good for sensitive and dry skin. Rose absolute has qualities that moisturise and soothe your whole body. It made my skin feel really silky and smooth. My bathroom was filled with the scent of rose jam and it was so luxurious.
How cute?

Compared to other bubble bars I've had in the past this one does produce a significant amount of less bubbles than ones like the comforter. However, it still does produce enough bubbles to cover at least the top layer of my bath. The lack of bubbles is 100% made up for in what it leaves your skin like. I'm honestly so excited to keep buying these as they are only £3.50 each which is actually quite cheap for a Lush Bubble Bar. Another thing I love about this Lush product is that it can be used at any point in the day. I usually have certain fragrances which I prefer to use either on the morning or night but I've found that this one doesn't really bother me (possibly because I just love it so much).

The colour of my bath didn't really change when I added the bubble bar but it made for a really relaxing bath. Lush claim that ''rose is mind-clearing and used by aromatherapists as a mood booster''. If your inner geek would be intrigued by knowing how these where made click here!

Another one of my favourite Rose Jam scented products is the shower gel. It smells identical to the Bubbleroon and unlike many other shower gels, the scent actually lingers on your skin which personally I really like. it is honestly quite addictive and it's great for use in the bath or the shower. I adore both Rose Jam products that I've mentioned and will continue to buy them for as long as lush sell them.

Is there anything limited edition you love?
Antonia x

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