Sunday, 23 February 2014

Lush | Phoenix Rising Bath Ballistic

Today for the first time ever I tried the Phoenix Rising Bath Ballistic from Lush and I was super excited. I've wanted to try this bath bomb out for so long now and today I finally did. I must admit I was totally attracted by the deep, bold purple colour and not the scent in the slightest. I'm not usually a fan of cinnamon or other spicey smells but I thought that I would give it a go anyway.
(I'm a little disappointed I didn't pick one with the gold cinnamon stick)
I popped it in the bath and it sunk straight to the bottom. I'm pretty sure this idea came from the 'phoenix rising from the ashes type idea' but anyway it immediately started fizzing away filling my water with an amazing purple colour and my bathroom with a crazy exotic scent. When I first smelt the product I found it rather overwhelming but once it is in the tub it calms down a lot but stills smells of cinnamon and tropical. After about a minute of it fizzing away it rose to the top and started swirling out an amazing green colour but it only lasted for a couple of seconds. One of my favourite things about this whole bath bomb is the patterns that it makes on the top on your bath. They were so pretty.

Phoenix Rising made my skin feel so hydrated. This is because it contains lots of amazing qualities like cocoa butter to soften and nourish the skin. I went in the bath with my skin not really feeling its best and in need of some TLC and this bath bomb 100% did the job. I would definitely buy it again as its not really too expensive at £3.25 but its not exactly my favourite either. I enjoyed this bath bomb but its really quite a winter smell and lets face it, we're all quite done with winter now.

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