Thursday, 4 December 2014

Autumn Candle Loves

Over the course of Autumn, I've had three favourite candles that I thought where well worthy of sharing on my blog. I must admit, they're all very unique and possibly not to some peoples taste (they're much to the disaproval of my Dad and Brother). 

Firstly, a Sweet Roasted Chestnut Candle from the lovely IW Natural Candle Co.* who kindly sent this to me. It's from their 'Soothing and Comforting' range and I cannot express how much I love it. I have the middle size of the candle which is suggested to burn for 36 hours. This candle is so warming and not over powering in the slightest. I can honestly say that the candle really does smell as you would imagine sweet roasted chestnuts to smell. The packaging is adorable and I love, love, love.

Now i'm moving on to my two Yankee favourites. My first Yankee purchase of the season was one that I discovered in Clinton Cards. I smelt it and melted. It's the Salted Caramel Yankee. I bought it in the large jar because I love it so much. I must admit though, it does make me hungry it's so true-to-life (weird). I smells exactly like the sweet treat of caramel. I don't think this is limited edition or part of the christmas range so I suppose you'll be able to get it at any time of the year. Strange point though, my Mum did say that the house smells of curry everytime after I have been burning it. I guess, it must be the spices. You can buy/get it out here:

Finally, I was gifted for my birthday the Yankee candle called 'Season of Peace'. If you have ever smelt Clean Cotton by Yankee it's kind of similar however more suptle and a warmer. It's so perfect for an afternoon on the sofa watching christmas films. I could burn it all day but at the same it I don't want to use it all up. It will most probably be limited edition as it is part of the christmas range! A ideal gift if you're stuck on what to get someone. I have the Medium jar in this and you can buy it here for £16.49.

Antonia x

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  1. You have me sold on wanting the Salted Caramel Candle (even if there is a small chance of it smelling like curry haha) :)

    Elle x
    Notes of Petranella