Thursday, 18 December 2014

An E45 Hand Cream Dream

We all get those annoying dry hands in winter, right? I've never found a hand cream before that I really loved. I've found ones I like, Soap and Glory 'Hand Food' is always a good, safe option. Some hand creams I have tried have not made my hands even feel any different. Some have even made them feel worse. I decided to try next a brand that I know I've trusted previously. E45 are a brand with 60 years of experience that works hard to meet the real demands from our skin. Over the past months of trying the E45 Overnight Repair & Protect hand cream and it's been a life saver. 

This hand cream is stripped right back. It doesn't really smell of much (what it does smell of is pleasant though). It's white in colour and rubs into the hands to leave no greasy palms. I've being enjoying it the most however because of the changes it has made to my winter hands. It really does give long lasting moisture to my chapped hands. It's priced at only £3.99 you can't really go wrong. I apply it every night before I sleep and I wake with softer hands. It contains vitamin B3 and promotes cell regeneration which I don't really know the science of... I'm guessing thats a good thing (I wouldn't do it any justice anyway). I'm definitely going to be trying many for E45 products in the new year.

Do any of you have a favourite hand cream? Leave them below I'm interested!


  1. I need to try it out, as my hands get really dry during winter time and nothing seems to be working, an overnight cream would be just amazing! x

  2. I am trying loads of hand creams as well every year and it never does a great deal of difference, but one that I have tested and i ADORE is my mum's high end kinda cream that they sell you in malls and the texture is unbelievable, I think the brand is called Kedem or something. And it smells marvellous!
    I have never heard of E45 before but it's good to know, thanks :)

    x vonyll