Friday, 12 December 2014

Advertising competition

IT'S MY BLOG'S FIRST BIRTHDAY SOON *doing a little dance*. Actually that is not what i'm going to be talking about yet though. My blog recently hit 300 followers. In celebration of that I got my self a new little theme! The lovely Sarah from designed it personally for me and I cannot recommend her enough! Months of playing around with my HTML code just was frustrating me. Sarah only charges £15.00 for a fully personal design including all of the features I have right here. She personalised my header and took all of my ideas and made them beautiful. Thank you so much, if you're reading!

Aside from that, I'm also going to celebrate by having a little advertising competiton. If you want to get involved just enter below. I'm giving away five spaces on my blog for a little promoting. The competition ends on the 19th of December just in time for christmas. I'll be leaving the 5 winners up on my blog for a whole month and will be doing a post to tell you a little something about each of them just because I love the little blogging community and i'm feeling the festive spirit. 

As I mentioned earlier in a little outburst at the start of this post it is my blogs birthday soon. I'm going to be hosting a giveaway to celebrate it being one year old on the 2nd of january when I brought it into the world. My only question is though, what would you like to see in my giveaway? Please leave all of your suggestions below because I need your help! 
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  1. Love your new theme it's so cute! Thanks for recommending Sarah, I was thinking of getting my own personal theme soon too! :) x

  2. Cute new theme. Happy blog birthday in advance haha!