Thursday, 11 December 2014

Jewel Candle | A Jewel In Every Candle

Christmas is the perfect time of the year to light all of your candles and cosy round the fire. The lovely company Jewel Candle sent me the 'Merry Christmas Classic Edition'*. Do not be fooled for this candle is no ordinary candle. It's my first ever candle where it contains something special inside. I'm like a magpie for anything silver and shiney so this drew me in so many ways. Inside each of Jewel Candles ranges they have different types of jewellery that is all above £10.00 and below £250! Incase you that worries you a little, each of the 925 sterling silver pieces are wrapped in heat proof foil and have no direct contact with the candle wax. I'm so excited for my little ring to float it's little self to the top so I can pinch it out (I almost feel as though it is a game) I'm a huge candle addict and I love everything about candles. This was a huge yes for me because firstly it's christmas themed! Secondly it's the most beautiful shade of green.

Personally, I've never owned a 'fruity' christmas candle however this one is. The fruit is smells of is a secret that Jewel Candle keep from us. I did spend a good while this afternoon giving it a good smelling to and I really cannot tell. Despite all this fruity talk, it does still smell festive and is going to be my candle of choice for the run up to christmas. Just as an added little bonus they're also handmade form eco friendly resources.

The pricing of these candles are more than you're typical Yankee however how can you complain when you have a piece of Jewellery inside? They cost £24.95. Worth every penny. They're said to burn for 120 hours which does seem like a pretty long time to me! The company say that it will take 10 to 15 hours of burning, glowing candle joy until your little foil parcel will pop up. However, if your curious, nosey, impatient (like me) they do say that you can use something like a spoon to scoop it out!

The lovely people from Jewel Candle have also being so kind to give me a little something to share with anyone who cares to read my blog. They have created a 10% off discount code 'antonia10' for anyone who wishes to own a beauty of a candle like this one!

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My other top three picks from Jewel Candle are:
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  1. Hello, do you have the glasses yet? I am collecting these candles and there is unfortunately no more to buy. love from