Friday, 8 August 2014

My Summer face | Five lip favourites

Hey! I'm back again, this time letting you know my top 5 summer lip products that I personally have being enjoying to wear in the summer months. I've being going for nudes, corals and oranges and really being happy with them. I haven't really being reaching for anything with a matte finish, it's been gloss and shine all the way through these summer months.

Soap & Glorys: Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in 'Nudist'-
I have being absolutely loving this product now I have a little bit of a tan. I had it bought as a Christmas present and I tried it in Winter when I was pale and it didn't really suit me. Now my skin is a little darker, it warms up my complexion and looks lovely. The finish of this 'gloss stick' is super glossy considering it game in stick form. They're only £8.00 in boots etc. I loves mine and I 100% recommend this to anyone looking for the perfect nude gloss! Click here to check them out on their own website for more details.
MAC: Lip stick in 'Costa Chic'-
I've had this lipstick quite a while, I've really fell in love with it even more recently. It's a frost lipstick, which usually isn't my favorite however this one I really like. It's super creamy and glides on easily. It's described as a 'light coral' which I cannot agree with. It's a borderline neon coral with a really good pigment. It;s £14.00 from Mac and I truly believe that most Mac lipsticks are worth their money.

Tanya Burr: Lip gloss in 'chic'-

Chic is one of the lovely Tanya Burrs lip glosses from her 2014 range which I LOVE. Most of all I love their smell, mm strawberry's. These lip glosses have really good staying power on my lips which usually doesn't happen. I'm always on the search for a lip gloss that is going to last for longer than one hour. Chic has a really good pigment and wearable with or without lipstick underneath. It's the perfect pinky, nude. Really cheap at only £6.99.

Revlon: Lip butter in 'Juicy papaya'-

I've loved these for over a year now. They have a creamy texture and not drying on the lips at all. They are perfect through the summer months and I have being wearing all of mine, yet out of them, Juicy Papaya the most. It's a glossy coral and really flattering on lots of skin tones. These lipsticks are considerably more sheer than anything from Mac. Perfect for a laid back afternoon or lunch with the family.

YSL: Volupte Shine in '12'-

The most luxurious of all at £25.00. These Lipsticks are buttery, silky goodness. I absolutely love them. They are so soft on the lips and have the ability to make me feel like a princess. I love, I love, I love. This coral shade is really elegant, not too in your face. It's one of those lip sticks that you can wear all day, or night. 


  1. I love MAC Costa Chic!
    I nominated you for a liebster award over on my blog:
    Be surer to check it out :) xxx

  2. I love the Mac Lipstick and the Tanya Burr Ligloss!!