Monday, 4 August 2014

What's in my holiday makeup bag?

Today I set my self the challenge to sort out the make-up and beauty things that I am going to be taking on my holidays. I'm heading off to Gran Canaria for a week in the sun and I am honestly so excited. I just cannot wait to get away for a little while. So, I thought I would share with you all what I am planning on taking and a few of my holiday tips.

Firstly, You've got to have a perfume. I am choosing to take with me this perfume by Jimmy Choo. It's quite a fruity perfume yet its not a sickly scent. I usually find when I go on the search for a fruity perfume they're quite over the top and heavy however this one is not despite its unique scent it still remains quite fresh and light which I love. It has amazing staying power and I would definitely recommend to anyone! It's perfect for summer '14.

The next things I decided on was what I was going to take out of my makeup collection. This was the hardest part for me however I started making a few choices anyway.

Foundation: The foundation I went for was the Naked Skin foundation because I absolutely trust it. It contains no SPF which on holiday is not a great choice of mine however I wont be wearing it throughout the day when the sun rays are at their strongest. On a night I will be teaming it with a moisturiser containing a high SPF incase the sun is still out.  Read a more in-depth review about my favourite summer foundations here!

Setting Spray: I went for the matching setting spray to my foundation called 'all nighter' by Urban Decay. I haven't really used this much but i'm excited to put it too the test on holiday when it will be under more intense conditions with the heat being higher. I'll get back to you on my thoughts on that one as it claims to have 'temperature control technology'. I chose to take the setting spray as well because at the moment i'm really enjoying my skin looking dewy and fresh and a setting spray is great to achieve that look. 

Lip products: The two lip products I have opted for at the moment are Nivea's pearly shine which is a lip balm that leaves a metallic shine on the lips and they're only £1.99. I also think im going to pick up this one which contains SPF 15 which will be great for throughout the day when i'm in the sun. The lipstick I went for was 'Costa chic' by Mac which I absolutely love. It's amazing for summer and super bright. It's a frost lipstick and leaves a beautiful finish on the lips. Such a pigmented lipstick with a corally, orange colour.

highlight: Of course, I went for Soft and Gentle by Mac. This is one of those products that makes me feel better about my self. It leaves the most amazing glow on the tops of my cheek bones and also if I ever want a really quick eye look. I quickly sweep some over the eyelid. After that I contour my eye with a medium brown eye shadow and it looks effortless and amazing.
Pallet: The pallet I went for was the naked basics pallet which is a perfect little pallet and doesn't take up much room at all yet it can still create lots of different looks. Swatches will be featured below.

 My holiday tips:

The higher the SPF the better for you! You can still get an amazing tan through SPF 30 +. The lower the SPF the more skin damage you will get.

Check your sun glasses! You can go unaware that your sun glasses do not have any UV protection in them! They should say on them that they do! If they don't pop to Primark, currently they have some really nice ones starting at £1.00 that have complete UV protection.

Drink lots of water, as the weather is hotter you will be loosing a lot more fluids through sweating and things (ew). Water will improve the look of your skin and how you feel.

if anyone has any more  tips please leave they below! I hope you all are having a great summer.
Lots of love,
Antonia x

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