Saturday, 9 August 2014

And.. 'Oh Dear Antonia' was born

About a month ago now, I had my own idea to paint a phone case, purely because I wanted one for my self. So it began. I ordered my self a few phone cases to practice on incase they didn't go right. It too me a few goes until I felt happy with how it went. Cases where scraped, designs altered, paints spilled and the first 'successful' case was born. All white, with mint green details and I was so pleased with my self. 

I ordered some more cases because I quite enjoyed making them. This obviously sparked an idea, maybe if i liked them, some others may too. I set up my own BigCartel store named and I started to get orders. This brings to me today. My website features all my current designs and cases. I'm really enjoying my little business venture and 100% recommend anyone to give it a go if they have a unique idea! I'm not at all a professional but I try my hardest to make them to the best standard. 

'Oh Dear Antonia'- contact details:
Instagram: OhDearAntonia
Twitter: OhDearAntonia


  1. wow, these are gorgeous! Going to go & check out your online store :) x

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  2. these are so gorgeous! i would love to buy one of these! x

  3. These look amazing! You're really talented! Do you sell cases for Samsung Galaxy S3 mini?x