Friday, 1 August 2014

My Summer face | Brush & Foundation favourites

Throughout summer I've being enjoying quite a few different foundations. Having quite dry skin, I enjoy to look glow and bright and don't always want the typical matte finish. If you're living in Brittan right now you'll probably be experiencing 'summer', well a kind of hot, clammy yet still miserable weather and its hard to find a foundation that's going to stay put all day and not budge no matter what the day brings whether it's rain or shine. So I'm going to go ahead and share with you all what I've been enjoying recently:

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow- Benefit: I have had this foundation in my collection for a little while now as I got it in a set by benefit but through the winter, when I first tried it I didn't like it in the slightest. Mostly because it was far too dark for my skin tone. I have it in the colour 'Cheers to me: champagne' I recently tried it again and I absolutely fell in love. It had a flawless finish and somehow, perfectly matched my skin now I have a little bit of a tan. The coverage is quite light however as the packaging claims 'brightening makeup' it definitely lives up to the name. It's oil free and factor 25 which we all know is great for summer! In my opinion, I think it's quite a pricey foundation at £26.50 and can be picked up anywhere like House of Frazer and Debenhams and also on the benefit website here!

Healthy Mix serum- BOJOIS Paris: This foundation has been one of my faves since about march this year when I first discovered it. I say foundation it actually is called a 'serum'. Honestly, i'm not too sure on the difference apart from the fact the foundation is a lot lighter than many others which personally, in the summer I prefer. It blends in perfectly with my skin and leaves a gorgeous finish. This foundation is quite hard to describe however I would say its kind of like a tinted moisturiser however not a moisturiser, a gel. I currently have it in the shade '52 vanilla' which is too light for my skin now and I need to repurchase it a little darker to match my new found tan. This foundation is super cheap for the quality and radiance it gives to your skin. It can be picked up in any store in the UK like boots etc for only £10.99 which I think is amazing. Plus, it contains loads of amazing vitamins which are great for the skin and stop you looking so tired.

Moisture surge tinted moisturiser- Clinique: Again, not a 'full' foundation however this still gives the face a gorgeous glow and coverage. It is light however it's still leaves the face looking flawless. This tinted moisturiser is really hydration for the skin and feels amazing to apply. Despite it being a moisturiser, I still like to apply it with a brush and buff it well into the skin. For this I used the Real Techniques 'Buffing brush' which does the job perfectly. I haven't really ever enjoyed tinted moisturisers before because I feel as though they always look streaky on the skin however this one does not! I have it in the shade '02 ivory' which matches lovely. It can be purchased in boots for £22.50.

NAKED Skin- Urban Decay: This foundation is one of those foundations that gradually looks better throughout the day. I've been raving about this foundation for ages now and I think its absolutely perfect for summer evenings and nights out. It has no spf, so not great for the sun rays but amazing under the light as it doesn't reflect like so no white, washed out faces all round, woo. Naked skin looks flawless on the skin and is probably around a medium coverage but is definitely buildable if you'd like a higher coverage. It feels weightless on the skin and it's the one I go for when I definitely want my foundation to last all day and night. I bought that from Debenhams and it was £27.00.

The face blender- Bobbi Brown: This brush is £33.00 from Bobbi Brown and I believe that its supposed to be used for things like bronzers and highlighters. I've being using mine for foundation and its unbelievable. It blends my foundation to a flawless finish and gives me an even coverage. It lives up to its name, it blends and perfectly at that. It is a very versatile brush. I put the foundation on the back of my hand and dip in the brush and use circular motions until it is blended right into my skin and there are no harsh lines or shadows.

Real Techniques- buffing brush: This brush is a lot harder than the Bobbi Brown one yet it also leaves my face with a flawless finish. This foundation is great for a quick application and is really soft on the skin. It's a lot cheaper than the Bobbi Brown brush however it has to be bought in the core collection which is still under £20.00.


  1. Iv been looking at the Naked Skin Foundation for a long time now and cant decide if £27 is too much for it.

  2. I love it! Especially for occasions where you know you're going to have you're photo taken. It makes you look super flawless. £27.00 is quite a lot though I do agree but i've had mine ages now! It's definitely lasting! xx