Monday, 23 June 2014

Pre-prom beauty haul

I really havent wrote a blogpost in a while due to things such as exams and revision and things but now it's all over! Recently I've been doing some shopping in advance for my prom on the 4th of july and im super excited.  I'm doing my own makeup which makes me a little nervous but hey ho. I though that i would share with you all my pre-prom newbies. 

Firstly I went into Debenhams to buy a new foundation. I'd been looking at a few that didn't have an SPF in them to avoid like flash back and having a white face in photos and things. I eventually went with Urban Decays 'Naked Skin' : click here to view it online.This was going to cost me £27.00 for that alone however they where doing a special offer in store where you could also get a 30ml of the travel sized setting spray which costs £9.00 alone and also a mini bluring brush which I assume is for the foundation its self for only £5.00 extra so in total it cost me £33.00 which I though was totally worth it.My first impressions on the foundation is that it is a really lovely foundation. I would say that it is probably a medium foundation but it really is great. 

The next thing that I bought was something I'd been wanting for a very long time, well ever since they where released. I bought Tanya Burrs lip gloss in 'Afternoon tea' purely because the name was so so cute but the colour was absolutely beautiful and was exactly what I was wanting for prom. The superdrug closest to me took a little longer to begin to stock these but I was thrilled when I eventually seen them. They come in the nicest packaging, super simple and elegant. I like that they dont come with a huge wraper because that's something that really annoys me (i'm not too sure why?). 

 When I took off the wraper and oh my gosh, I was so happy that the smell of this wasnt the usual vanilla etc. It was a fruity smell (strawberry I think). They are long lasting on the lips and not at all sticky. I love the fact that they are quite highly pigmented and don't even really need a lipstick/lipliner underneath to look gorgeous. 

Finally, I picked up the L'oreal elvive fibrology shampoo and conditioner which personally I believe work wonders for my hair. I have really thin hair so I will do anything possible to make my hair look fuller and thicker. I don't actually believe that my hair strands have expanded etc but it really makes my hair feel like there is more there. It is usually around £3.99 in boots etc but in Home Bargins this week it was on offer for £1.99.

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